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Why does every business need video branding?

If a picture is a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Today, video content has the highest share of content consumption by users. In India alone, 60% of online users consume 60 minutes of video content on a daily basis, as per a Forbes report. The worldwide video content consumption is a staggering number. Video branding today is the No.1 source of information for 66% of people worldwide, according to Techjury. As a corporate video maker, we can tell you that videos can do wonders for your business.

How are businesses leveraging marketing videos?

  • 81% of businesses use video as an integral part of their marketing strategies. [Social Media Today]

  • 89% businesses are happy with the marketing strategies involving video production. [OptinMonster]

  • 93% of businesses claim that they get new customers as a direct result of posting branded video content on social media platforms. [Social Media Today]

  • The revenue of companies using videos grows 49% faster than companies that don’t. [Wordstream].

In short, video marketing and video branding result in -

  • Growth in revenue

  • Better customer reach

  • Deeper market penetration

  • Winning marketing strategies

What is video branding or marketing video production?

Video branding specifically refers to the strategy of using a branding showcase video in informing target customers about your products or services. There are many legacy firms that are reaching millions of customers through their goodwill.

However, new customers will not know nor appreciate such legacy brands unless they see the former’s work in action. Video branding makes it possible to convert the information about products into easily consumable videos for new customers to know and buy.

Videos today are no longer only about TV commercials of popular brands. Every company or brand, no matter its size, industry vertical, product or service, needs video production.

Here are some larger benefits of marketing video production?

# Brand showcase

Every business needs to show their customers what they do. Regardless of the industry vertical or type of product, customers need to know what you can offer them or the value they will receive before they buy your product. Take for example, a real estate company from Varanasi was in need of investor traction for their upcoming township called Orbit City. After we created a showcase video for Orbit City, the company began to display this video at important places such as airports, real estate property fairs and investor conferences, and succeeded in selling their properties within the township.

# Conveying complex messaging

Many companies must convey some specific messages to their customers. This messaging becomes complex when they are not promoting any product or service but abstract factors such as company’s work culture, employee encouragement initiatives or social causes such as corporate social responsibility. The easiest way to convey a complex message is through video branding.

Sayaji Group of Hotels hired us for a specific task back in 2017 for a video titled ‘I am Sayaji’. This video was about the active Inclusion and Diversity culture at the hotel for their team members. They entered this video in an employer branding programme and got them in the Top 20 Best Places to Work in India. They had originally hired us as a corporate video maker, but we ended up creating a whole branding strategy for them, a factor that became crucial for their future branding.

# Repurposing content

As a business, you may have some marketing budgets for content creation. If you feel like your content is good but it needs to be re-told in a different or in a simpler manner, a video showcase is better than getting that content re-done. There are customers who understand information better when it is presented through a visual medium. It is possible that despite creating amazing content, it is not reaching into the minds of your target customers because it may not be presented visually. Video is the best way to help your customers visualize what you wish to convey apart from repurposing the content that you have already built. At AVM Pictures, we have helped many educational institutions help send a stronger

message by repurposing the content from existing college brochures. We did this for a number of noted institutions including Billabong International School, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Kangaroo Kids among many others.

# Customer traction and ROI

A big benefit of marketing video production is its potential to bring and win more customers and get instant returns on your marketing investment. How will customers know you exist? You show them through a branding video. People believe it when they see it. Show them what you have got and they will buy it. Many of our video production services are about product or service showcase where we try to highlight the USPs of our clients. Many businesses who have worked with us have testified that their sales have doubled after they released the video on various platforms.

Show and tell

It is not enough to tell your customers what you do. You need to show them. And there’s no better way invented yet to showcase this than video. Call us and we will tell you how to leverage your USPs through a branding or a corporate video.


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