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Top 5 video content production mistakes to avoid in 2024

What was the last short form video you watched? Was that a reel? A TikTok? Or a YouTube stand-up comedy video? 

According to Social Pilot, viewers claim they retain 95% of information that’s given in the form of video. If you retained any information from any of those videos, the purpose of that video has been fulfilled. Lack of retention of information, however, may also be too much scrolling fatigue. 

Don’t you ever wish that your business video should not tire people but delight them? That’s our goal for you at AVM Pictures. This is why we wish to help you with the best kind of video content there is. Every business needs video content production and branding today. But not every business knows how to do it correctly. 

In this blog, we dish out from our experience some of the most common video content errors businesses make, and how to avoid them. 

# 1 Too much text on screen 

Ever watched a K-drama with subtitles? This is exactly how it feels - a lot of work where your mind is juggling between watching and reading. This is a video - it is supposed to tell your brand story via visuals. Don’t waste screen space with too much text. Make sure the little text you have is in readable fonts so as to not irritate your customers. Let your brand story play out through visuals, and good story-telling through voice over. 

How to use text wisely on screen?

  • Choose your target language carefully. Which language do most of your customers speak?

  • Instead of using subtitles, use different voice overs in each of the languages you are targeting. 

  • Use short phrases for text on screen instead of long sentences. 

# 2 Too much information in too little time 

If you have 30 seconds to showcase your product, go for the emotional appeal, not all the features. Choose features that will target the right brain of your customers i.e emotions because most purchase decisions are made based on feelings. 

In the case of a short college or school video, don’t start talking about basics such as physics lab or playground, give your customers a glimpse of your teaching methodology or your institution’s vision for students. If you overwhelm your viewers with too much information, they won’t remember the most important facts of your product leading to inaction. 

How to say more on a video in less time?

  • Get a tight script and storyboarding 

  • Tell a story or a concept first, everything else later. 

  • Include a Call To Action - what are customers supposed to do in the end? Call, Text, or Send Inquiry?


# 3 Inability to hook in the first few seconds

Has anyone ever told you that the attention span of an average customer today is less than that of a goldfish? Come on, you must have heard it somewhere. It is eight seconds. For video, customers will give you 20 seconds though. If you cannot grab their attention at that time, your entire video production cost will go in vain. 

How to hook customers instantly in your brand video?

  • Start with asking a question or quoting a mind-blowing fact 

  • Start your video with a problem and then offer solution quickly 

  • Use a startling image, a visual or a video clip to hook them 

  • Use a pleasant soothing voice over to bring them in 

# 4 Incorrect brand positioning in video content production

Your target viewers will definitely enjoy a great story, a tight script, and great visuals but if your brand is not positioned in the video correctly, they won’t bite. Your bait (product) needs to be sharp, enticing, and should have something unique to offer. What is the most important feature of your product or service? It most likely addresses a pain point of your customers. That’s your brand positioning. 

How to use correct brand positioning in a video?

  • Identify your competitors 

  • How’s your brand or product different?

  • Create a brand positioning document, and share it with the video production team 

  • Are your USPs correctly spelled out in the video script? If not, share them with your video production partner. 


# 5 Failing to differentiate between long and short form video

Have you ever noticed how after Instagram introduced reels (vertical short form videos), YouTube came up with YouTue Shorts? Why is that? That’s because video viewers are evolving, and if one platform offers a certain video content format, others need to tweak their formats too. 

As a business, you need to differentiate between a corporate video (long-form video content), a YouTube ad (micro video content) and a Television commercial (short-form video content). You may hire a video production agency that is willing to repurpose your long-form video content into shorts, so you can save costs, time and energy and yet optimize for all the platforms. 

How to create long and short form video content smartly?

  • Ask your video production agency to shoot for long-form videos 

  • Ask their content team to repurpose the long video into short-forms 

  • Create a strategy that includes all forms of video content 

  • Consult your video production agency or partner to see what best suits your type of business or service 

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Partner with AVM Pictures 

We at AVM Pictures bring a plethora of video content production

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