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We don't bat an eye in flushing off great content if it does not sell.

Words have the power to persuade and influence. This excites us. We usually combine this power with a saleable idea. We understand the needs of the client. Do our bit of research on the market. Check with the client if we are on the same page. And create scripts that not only sell products but also create goodwill.

Our team has a wide experience of Content Writing headed by Mukti Masih, who knows precision, thanks to her stint in journalism. When it comes to content writing, she is steered by a question: How does it affect people? AVM footnoted a sub-text to it: How does it sell to people? At AVM Pictures, we are committed to create for you anything that’s best for your business.

Our Content Writing Services include:

-Website Content

-Blogging/Ghost blogging

-Explainer Video Scripts


-Startup Consulting

- Ghost blogging

“Every time I sit down on a script, I dream of making it phenomenal. My goal is creative saleability.” 




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