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Our Diversified Team

Our team has gone places, to say the least. Our team members combine the knowledge, experiences and anecdotes of a variety of fields when they work with us. From the Prime Minister’s Office to the CNN News Channel and from a premier educational institution to National Geographic Channel, they have a myriad of experiences.

Our clients find us so desirable is due to the professional bent that our team brings in. Each member is a master in his or her own right and contributes into the creation of compelling content and engaging videos.

Our Team Values

We are driven by values and united by a common passion for work. We follow -

  • Strictly No Plagiarism either in ideas or execution

  • Original content and video production

  • Using single license holder technical tools/recognized libraries

  • Transparent and clear communication

  • Self-accountability

  • Have a whacky thinking


We swear by David Ogilvy’s quote: –        

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible."

We are great STORY-TELLERS because we have LIVED great stories!

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