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Abhishek masih


He is a dream boss, a vibrant leader apart from being helplessly passionate towards his work.

There is no work at AVM Pictures that he has not done or he is not capable of doing. If our script writer is ill, he would get down to write the script that would still sell. If our VO artist is not available, he would record it in his own voice with equal elan.

 AVM Pictures belongs to Abhishek Masih and his God, as he puts it. The company believes in what Abhishek has practised throughout his life without preaching: Do your job well.

He is a Masters in Multimedia with over nine years of experience in editing, mixing, corporate and industrial film direction and creative conception. 



Speak to him for five minutes and you will know Abhishek Masih believes in a true living God. He challenges himself and his team members with his favorite verse: Taste and see that the Lord is good. Since he works with a sole goal of ‘glorifying his Lord Jesus Christ’, it helps in shifting the focus from himself. ‘This is crucial in making me work self-lessly. As a result, I am more focused towards achieving creative excellence than really amplifying my own ego,’ he says. Goes without saying that he works and plays fair. He pays people on time so expects the same. He gives his hundred percent and demands the same. He believes in an equal client-service provider-relationship where neither is bigger. He doesn’t worship people and hates himself being idolised. He has two passions: God and Work of which only the former is worthy of worship, and both worthy of enjoying.

“Creative sale-ability is part of my job but what drives me really is the fun of watching how technology enhances it.”




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