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Five reasons company blog is your BEST content marketing asset

Who reads my company blog? If that’s how you have dismissed your company blog, think again. Once you post a blog on the company website, it ALWAYS remains on the web. What does this mean? It means each time someone crawls the web using keywords you have tagged and used in your blog, he or she will find your enterprise. Your company blog is an investment that won’t fail you. All the more reason why you should thoughtfully plan your company blogs. The days are gone when company blog was like an internal newsletters read by a few of your employees. Today, it’s a tried and test marketing tool. Hubspot reports - “B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67 percent more leads than those that do not.”

Convinced yet? If not, read on to find why and how your company blog will help market your business better:

1. Blog is your Thought Leadership: I hate to break it to you but here’s what the new consumer mindset is: they are not looking for companies to solve their problems, they are looking for experts. Blog gives you an opportunity to elaborate their problems in depth and suggest solutions. For instance, SourceBits is a noted mobile app development company that blogs about trends in mobile apps, tips on optimizing mobile apps, best practices etc. This has made the company a thought leader in mobile application development and has got them business from companies such as Intel.

2. Blog makes you searchable: Not everything that you offer can be on your homepage. You need to consistently drive traffic to your website and make your company visible to Google crawlers. As a result, anyone searching by those keywords relevant to your industry will find himself landing on your website. This means he would be your potential customer and may get converted if the information on your website evokes his/her trust. Remember that useful and frequently updated blogs often rank well.

3. Blog increases brand/ industry awareness: Before the selfie stick came into the market, were you really aware that you needed it? Who created this awareness? Manufacturers, of course. Similarly, if you want to draw a certain kind of customers for your certain offerings, your blog can create industry awareness, sensitize your readers about the need for your offering. And if you happen to be the first one to point out a problem in this attempt, you will rank well and attract the right kind of people.

4. Blog builds trust, drives sales: Why do you buy a certain product? Because you trust that the product can fulfill a need, solve a problem. Your blog is a storehouse of information related to certain problems. You come out as someone who knows. This establishes trust for your company and trust can lead to sales.

5. Blog is a long-term investment: Your online marketing campaigns end at some point since you cannot keep spending money on digital marketing agencies for running such campaigns. But once you have invested in and published a blog, it always remains an asset drawing traffic to your website again and again.

What your company blog should NOT BE?

So how should your blog look like? It can be anything from tips to suggestions, market trends, solutions to specific problems, examples of great solutions and so on. But try not to use the blog space for the following:

  • Internal celebration or event reports like festivals, special days unless they were targeted for your customers

  • Recruitment news

  • Employee training and development: you can keep these items for your Company Culture or Careers Page or for a separate internal newsletter

What your company blog SHOULD be?

  • How to or Do-It-Yourself tips

  • Tips on improvement

  • Suggestions to specific problems

  • In-depth elaboration of problem

  • Industry trends

  • Examples of awesome solutions/problem-solving

  • Case study blogs on offerings/products

The biggest take-away from this company blog is that your company blog is a long-term investment that continues to yield results in your content marketing efforts.

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