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5 reasons great story telling is the backbone of your explainer video

There’s nothing worse than a lousy explainer video. At AVM Pictures, we have a natural knack for yawning when we spot one. Explainer videos can make or break your brand – that’s the extent of their impact. Don’t believe it? Well, by 2017, video will take up 69% of consumer internet traffic. So if you want your product or service video to be one of these most watched videos, take note.

The following are the reasons why your explainer video should have exceptional story telling:

1. A great story is explanatory

The whole point of why people choose to watch your video instead of reading up your website or ‘How it works’ section is because they don’t want to be the ones to ‘explain’ your product or service. On the contrary, they want to be ‘explained’ about it. Understand that story telling technique by default is explanatory. This chord when hit right can do wonders in brand recall value. GigTown – a mobile app for finding local music/bands beautifully did it.

2. People are buying stories and ideas not products or services

Gawwd how much today’s consumer has changed. But the human inside him hasn’t. Selling stories is an age-old idea. From time immemorial, our grandparents have been ‘selling’ us ideas related to our moral stands, ethics, rules of the society etc through folk lores, moral fables, bedtime stories. No wonder thus advertising and marketing have embraced story telling skills long time ago. Today, this is especially relevant since online videos are readily available on mobile phones. People are today addictive to video stories. And they are most likely to respond to an application, product or service if it tells a great story. Make sure your explainer video is packaged like a story instead of just a walk-through of a product or service. Wizzki – an application for easy hiring – took the SuperHero theme to tell a fantastic story and explain its service –

3. Stories are easier to understand

Our 14 years of experience of producing compelling video stories says if a picture is equal to a thousand words, a great video is equal to an actual experience. That’s what you want your customers to do right? You want them to experience your product or service so as to buy it. Most successful explainer videos have a character that takes you through that product or service. This character – a human or an animal – helps break down the product in simpler terms. People prefer buying things they find simple to use.

4. Effective story telling strikes emotional chord

Nothing compels consumers to ‘take action’, ‘decide to buy’ or ‘avail the service’ better than an emotion. This emotion may be an urgent need, a compelling moment of weakness, a fierce notion of envy or simply frustration. Great story telling seeks to strike one such emotional chord in your customers. If that happens, you have won their hearts and eventually their loyalty for your brand. Remember that boring videos do more harm than good. Gradeleap - a homework assistance application - struck a chord with parents in its video.

5. A fantastic story is your brand testimony

An awesome script woven beautifully in a story inside an explainer video goes on to show how serious and passionate you are about your product. This is the ultimate testimony of your attention to detailing and how much you really believe in your product. Such a vibe triggers the psychological aspects of a consumer’s mind, often unconsciously. Pinterest explained its utility to the most reluctant users through an amazing video.

Remember that badly produced explainer videos are not forgiven in the world of competitive branding and marketing. Your consumers are less patient, smarter and more aware than you can imagine. Entertain them and they will fall in love with your brand.

For inquires about Explainer Videos, feel free to contact us. We may have some kickass ideas for you.


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