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Kinshuk Trivedi

It was a wonderful experience working with Abhishek and his team at AVM Pictures. The best part is that he captures ideas instantly and translates them fantastically into final cuts. He knows his art and is never afraid of experimentation. This is proven by the work that he has done for us in four completely different style and nature of videos. Very hardworking and a through professional, its a pleasure working with him and his team.


Vice President

Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutions

Eddie Robison

It has been a joy working with Mukti and Abhishek on multi-lingual projects over the years. Their enthusiasm and expertise are abundant and their flexibility is something that has been helpful for us as a start up in India. Our hope is to see our partnership grow in the days to come! 

Education Connections



AVM Pictures has a deep strategy for visualisation. They are an end-to-end video production agency so we didn't have to co-ordinate with various artists.  We were stumped at how quickly they grasped the concept of our video and delivered the final product within 10 days. The response we got from the video on social channels was phenomenal. 

Ms.Saba Dhanani

Director Operations

Sayaji Hotels Ltd.

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