Case Study

MSG91 AD Film 2015

Create a powerful message by thoughtful sound design and script to suit bulk messaging industry.

Tasks: Sound Design and Script Writing

Industry: Bulk Messaging Provider

Who Is MSG91?

MSG91 is a global bulk message service provider and is one of the leading and known brands in its field with international clients such as Barista, Axis Bank, IXIGO, Big Life and MakeMyTrip among others.

Client Requirements

  • Fast and crisp script to convey the message

  • Script must sound like a ‘Mission’

  • Add sound that would double the effect of the 30-second video

  • Funny elements must be added through sound 

They wanted a video production and content agency that would truly understand their branding as a leading bulk messaging provider. They chose us because we completely disappeared as an outside post production agency and became part of their team in sync with their business goals. 

Project Delivery

April 7th 2015


We delivered the project in record one week. The video was uploaded on the website the next day and on Youtube on April 15th 2015. 

Watch the Video

We used Apple Mac Pro with our SFX library and imported the HD video into our sound mixing application which allowed us to clearly see each of the elements for better mixing of sound.

Tools Used for Sound Design and Editing 

Client Testimonial

I LOVED the sound elements in the ad that almost gave life to the video. What I loved most about AVM Pictures is how fast they can understand the concept and give it a feel that suits the industry.

- Pushpendra Agrawal, Founder and CEO MSG91

Lessons along the way 

  • A 30-second video needs short yet POWERFUL phrases, not a paragraph-wise script

  • It’s okay if the video doesn’t resonate with everyone as long as it reaches the target audience

  • Choose each sound to convey a message

Wanna create a magic like MSG91? 

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